MW Train Layout Design and Construction

4026 N PanAm Expy
San Antonio, TX 78219

We build NMRA turnouts in HO and S scales.
HO scale code 55 #5 RH,LH, double and single crossovers.
HO scale code 70 #8 RH,LH, double and single crossovers.
HO scale code 83 #5, #6, #8 RH,LH ,double and single crossovers.
S scale code 83 #5, #6, #7, #8 RH, and LH.
Also HO scale code 55 curves 22", 24" and 30" radius.
Straight track in 36" lengths HO scale code 55, code 70, code 83, S scale code 83.
Appropriate white pine tie kits included with every turnout and section track order.
Per turnout price in today's (2015 August 28) US Dollar is $20.00 plus shipping.
Single crossover $40.00. Double crossover $90.00.


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