Nov 262013

Have worked on a drawing using West Chandler

and a version of Pratt Street Railroad, (MR May 1954)
into an two shelf S scale layout in 12 x 15 foot room plus closet. That works out to about 20 feet for the long shelf.


Will be using number fives including a lapped turnout suggested in the MR article. ME code 83 rail hand laid on stained pine ties.

Building aides: Fast Track turnout fixtures, filling jigs, and sweep sticks. Tie spacing fixture. Track gauge.

I moved the turnouts a bit from where they were in MR so that I can make better looking crossings. In that I can use one of the rail jigs to setup the crossings.

Had planned to have the traverser in this same room, but its approach eats up the adjacent bedroom’s closet space. So it will get moved to another room on the red line.

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